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SparkPath Investments' mission is to help busy people along the path to freedom by building financial wealth passively with income-producing real estate.  We believe financial wellness can elevate and support life as you’d like to live it.

We are an investment company that will help you invest in real estate syndications that provide reliable passive income and accelerate you to your financial goals.  We will guide and educate you every step of the way, so you can invest confidently. We personally invest in all the syndications we recommend and share this path with you.


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How do we know each other?

Alisa and Hedda have known each other since preschool years in Canada.  As kids, they met up at the park on weekends to practice their martial arts.  Agnes and Hedda met in university when Hedda asked Agnes for her economic class notes.  Our paths converged in the Bay Area, and now our families are growing up together.  


Some of our first real estate projects together include purchasing our first out of state rental property, purchasing a multi-family building in San Francisco gutting, remodeling and converting them to condominiums for sale, project managing fix and flip homes, and participating in a local syndication. 


"Through our partnership over the years, we have learned to collaborate, understand each other's strengths, and trust our projects will be seen to completion with quality. We are truly enjoying our journey in real estate together."

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Acquisitions & Partnerships

I’m an investor, developer, and designer. I’ve designed and project-managed over $35 million of residential developments in San Francisco and have 17 plus years of out-of-state investing experience, identifying growing regions with strong fundamentals. My real estate portfolio consists of single-family, small multi-family, limited partner on large multi-family projects of 2,600+ units, and general partner of 1,000+ units. I played a key leadership role developing Watermark Luxury Residences, a $70 million, 90 unit luxury condominium complex in Denver, Colorado.   I am currently developing two build-to-rent communities in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’m extremely passionate about real estate investing, building passive income, growing wealth while managing risks, and sharing this knowledge with others who want to be financially free.


Fun Fact

"I love traveling to unique locales. I summited the highest peaks of northern Japan, swam with lemon sharks at the Whitsunday Islands, explored glacial caverns in Patagonia, wine tasted in Tasmania, lived on a working farm in Mexico, and learned to Tango in Argentina.  My guilty pleasure is matcha latte."

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Investor Relations

I’m a realtor, investor, developer, and mom of two little ones age 9 and 6.  I’ve project-managed over $35 million in residential developments in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada and moved in 2000 to the Bay Area where I began in Commercial Banking and Title & Escrow Sales.  After marriage, I made the plunge and left the corporate world to pursue my real estate license. Since my first out-of-state investment property in 2003, I’ve learned the meaning of cash flow, and since then have rehabbed and lived in multiple duplexes and single family homes in San Francisco.  I love the multi-facets of real estate investing, and sharing this knowledge with friends so that we can all grow together and reach financial freedom.


Fun Fact

"I’m filled with lots of energy and love planning travels with my friends and experiencing new adventures together.  In the winter, you’ll find me on the mountains skiing as often as I can with my family and in the summers camping throughout California."

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Marketing and Education

I’m a busy mom of two, investor and marketing professional.  I fell into real estate 15 years ago with my first investment property, and have added out of state and international properties since then.  I see the power of real estate and how it builds financial security for my family and would love to share this with others. My corporate background is in marketing, coming up with ideas for Fortune 500 companies like eBay,, and Expedia.  I spent several years as a stay at home mom, during this time I project managed over 10 fix and flips in the Bay Area plus rehabbed and condo-converted my personal home. My family is my heart, so I understand building wealth can give us the freedom to spend more time and energy on our most precious asset.  


Fun Fact

"I’m a 2nd-degree black belt in karate and my son is continuing the tradition as a blue belt. I love to travel, whether it’s a kids getaway to Hawaii or trekking through Vietnam. My guilty pleasure is ice cream."

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