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Speaker Series: Kenny Wolfe

An experienced leader in multi-family real estate, Kenny joined us in San Francisco to share his knowledge with our community on becoming a successful investor.

What we covered at this session:

-Learned about Kenny, his system, and lessons on chasing freedom and money. It's time to have it come to you.

-How to attain financial freedom and passive income through multi-family unit real estate properties.

About Kenny: He is a principal in 1,838 units (2,864 units all-time) in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area, El Paso, TX, Waco, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, and Columbus, OH. He has been involved in over $130MM+ worth of commercial real estate since 2010.

Prior to founding Wolfe RE Mgmt, Kenny served as CFO for Twin Cities Development based in the heart of the Haynesville Shale in Shreveport, LA. He was responsible for all areas of accounting and financial reporting, as well as the human resources role for 140 employees and independent contractors. Kenny has a BBA from Baylor University and an MBA from University of Texas at Arlington. His book: Investing in a Dream

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