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Navigating Real Estate through Uncertain Times - Webinar Recording

Last week we brought together an experienced panel to discuss how they are each managing their multi-family real estate investments during this unprecedented time. Such a great learning session! For those who missed our webinar, here's the recording.

We covered:

  • Their thoughts on the effects on our economy and projections for recovery period.

  • What does the residential rental market look like in the near and long term.

  • How their investment strategy is affected.  

  • Their greatest concerns, and what opportunities they see ahead.

  • How they are coping with the changes brought about by the crisis.

Introducing our Panel Feras Moussa Feras is an entrepreneur at heart with a tech background. He graduated from the University of Texas with a Computer Science degree, and worked at Microsoft straight from college. Feras later quit Microsoft to ‘bring tech to industries that lack it’, where he later found his passion for real estate. Feras quickly built a portfolio of rentals, completing 9 closings in his first 12 months.   After having seen the results of rentals, Feras later decided to scale up into apartment complexes, where he met Ben and started Disrupt Equity, a company focused on multi-family acquisition and investments for investors, leveraging his strengths in tech to better identify quality investments for investors. Feras has helped raise millions of dollars for multifamily syndications.   Kyle Mitchell Kyle is a real estate entrepreneur who has a focus on Multi-family Syndication and currently has $17MM AUM. He is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Limitless Estates, who’s vision is to provide A-class living to lower-income housing by putting the residents first and instilling a sense of community while inspiring others to do the same.   He is also the co-host of the weekly real estate podcast, Passive Income Through Multifamily Real Estate, where he speaks with various experts in the real estate industry to help educate and create clarity for passive investors. Rob Chi  Rob quit his 9-5 job as a Web Developer in 2009 to become a full-time real estate investor, building his portfolio to over 100 doors mostly located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He is focused on buy and hold and value add investments, owning 5+ unit apartment complexes.  

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