Come connect, learn and share with like minded people about real estate investing.

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July 8 - Webinar

To keep our community connected and learning, we’re bringing you 6-part webinar series on investing in out-of-state markets.  Each month, learn from local experts to help you be a smarter investor!  


Hear from 2 sisters who went from 0-350 units!

*Get the inside scoop on why Wisconsin is a high cash flowing market.

*Learn how to find deals, raise funds and manage your asset.

*Gain knowledge on strategies to increase net operating income.

*Review a 10-unit multi-family asset they just purchased.

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Apr 22 - Webinar

We’re excited to bring together an experienced panel to discuss how they are each managing their multi-family real estate investments during this unprecedented time. 

Come learn and gather insight from successful owners/operators in the industry on how they are coping with these times ahead. 


This will shed light on how the big operators in the business are managing the situation and give you some ideas for managing your own assets.

Feb 12 - San Francisco

Want to learn how to build passive income through out-of-state real estate investing, even if you are working full-time?  Join us to discuss how to evaluate markets, what to look for, what to avoid, plus we will share proven strategies on successfully investing in out-of-state markets.

It’s 2020! There’s no better way to jumpstart building wealth in the new year by attending this event!

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Nov 20 - San Francisco

We have expert Dmitriy Fomichenko, President of Sense Financial Services, an investor and financial planner come teach us how to tap into our IRA to buy real estate.  Come invest your time in this potentially life-changing event! 

OCT 17 - San Francisco

Every month is a new topic!  This month we discuss single-family vs multi-family strategies.